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Our Services


We focus on your real estate so you can focus on your business

We work with private equity, aggregators, investment funds, private and public companies who have significant rental obligations.

We then maximize their profitability through real estate by reducing their rental and risk obligations on a portfolio wide basis. 

Real Estate Outsource

Ideal for business with large rental commitments or/and

multiple locations.

We become your outsourced real estate department, no different than if you hired an internal part time expert. We start the process with an in-depth evaluation of your existing locations and leases. From there, we create a strategy that aligns with your business objectives and our core goals - to improve your profitability, find great locations, pay less rent and reduce risk. We'll ensure your leases are properly negotiated and your real estate portfolio is properly managed.

  • Real Estate Strategy

    • Portfolio Review 

    • Expert Recommendations and Planning

  • Ongoing Consulting Services 

    • Portfolio Management

    • Renewals

    • Rent Restructures / Reliefs

    • Portfolio Restructure / Analysis

    • New Locations

    • Relocations & Rightsizing

    • Market Research 

Tenant Advisory

Ideal for clients looking for a new location, relocations, renewals or help with their existing lease/ portfolio. 

We support your existing Real Estate People or your individual requirements.  We work relentlessly to uncover great locations, provide local market knowledge, industry relationships, negotiations and lease documentation expertise. 

  • Location Services

    • New Location Procurement 

    • Relocation / Rightsizing


We specialize in lease renewals and rent restructures. Our process is dedicated to creating leverage and we prove

this in hundreds of transactions annually. From market information to sophisticated financial analysis, we have the tools and experience to produce superior financial results.

  • Existing Locations & Leases

    • Renewals

    • Rent Restructures / Reliefs

    • Portfolio Analysis and Restructure

Consulting Services

Ideal for clients looking for critical informations or

to solve the nagging issues.

We help to solve specific issues, obtain market information, do the research, run the numbers and provide expert advice on your commercial real estate. 

  • Real Estate Strategy 

  • Market Research

  • Demographics

  • Lease Admin

  • Acquisitions

  • Due Diligence

  • Special Projects

Retain an expert to work on your behalf. 

Meet our Demographic Experts

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From demographic and competition to traffic patterns PiinPoint has been our partner in supporting accurate location information to our clients.

Our Mission

To improve our clients’ profitability through informed real estate and strategic decisions, while driving down occupancy costs. Simply put we help our clients find great locations, pay less rent, and reduce risk.

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